Business rate reliefs

Business rate reliefs

Dear investors,

Invest in the business zone ''Podbrdo''

Price of land plots up

to 5,000 m²                                                               4 BAM/m²

Price of land plots
Lager than 5,000 m²                                               3,3 BAM/m²

Mrkonjic Grad municipality provides the following services and benefits to investors in the ''Podbrdo business zone'':

-quality supply of electricity and water to the business zone

-waste water disposal

-telecommunicatons and transport infrastructure

-conversion of agricultural into construction land

-10-30 % price reduction option for quoted land prices ( depending on the number of jobs to be sreated)

-refund of 50-80% of fee for city construction land (degree of development) and one time rent (depending on the number of jobs to be created).