In the territiry of Mrkonjić Grad there are four central elementary schools which include ten other schools that are located in ten different rural areas. Elementary school ''Petar Kočić'' includes three other schools  that are located at the villages Majdan , Oćune and Kopljevići. Elementary school ''Ivan Goran Kovačić includes one school at the village Šehovci. Elementary school '' Baraći'' includes several elementary schools located at the villages Podršnica, Podbrdo, Graci and Orahovljani and elementary school ''Branko Ćopic'' located at Bjelajce includes two other elementary school located at the villages Baljvine  and Gustovara. 

1. Elelementary school ''Petar Kočić'', Mrkonjić-Grad

The school principal: Vesna Sladojević
Phone number: 050/211-492

2. Elementary school ''Ivan Goran Kovačić'', Mrkonjić-Grad

The school principal: Suzana Milić
Phone number: 050/211-367

3. Elementary school ''Branko Ćopić'', Bjelajce

The school principal: Milan Stevanić
Phone number: 050/251-173

4. Elementary school ''Vuk Karadžić'', Baraći

The school principal: Miroslav Cvijić
Phone numbe: 050/231-027

In the Municipality of Mrkonjić-Grad there are also two high schools: Gymnasium and General program secondary school.


The school principal: Zoran Bjelajac
Phone number: 050/211-315
Fax: 213-501

General program Secondary school

The school principal: Predrag Đuza
Phone number: 050/220-540

A  nursery


There are two nurseries  in the municipality of Mrkonjić –Grad and they are  educational  establishments  that offer early childhood education to children. The nursery ''Milja Djukanović'' is situated in Mrkonjić-Grad and there are 200 children in this preschool educational establishment and there is one nursery at the village Podrašnica and there are some 20 children in this small nursery in Podrašnica.


The nursery ''Milja Djukanović'',  Mrkonjić Grad 

The nursery principal: Aleksandra Roljić
Phone number:050/221-130


Phone number:050/278-545